Law Enforcement Cadet Program

The City of Cotati's Cadet Program is a volunteer position for youth from the 7th to 12th grade. This program is established to provide students the experience, training, and insight into a law enforcement career.

This position is perfect for those who have an interest in law enforcement as a career, or for those who are looking to get involved in the community and performing valuable community service. Cadets will learn about the profession, make new friends, and serve the community in a worthwhile capacity.

Cadets receive training in a variety of police duties including the following: criminal law, patrol procedures, police radio procedures, report writing, crime prevention, traffic enforcement, public relations, and basic first aid.


Duties may consist of the following: attend regular training meetings, ride along with officers, crime prevention assignments, field searches for missing persons or evidence, and other duties as assigned. Cadets are assigned to work The Accordion Festival, Kids Day Parade, along with various other events.


Applicants must be a minimum of 13 years of age, and attending 7th through 12th grade. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited junior high or high school and must maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0. Applicants must have the ability to speak and write the English language: attend regular meetings; volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per month have the ability to speak and act maturely; always maintain high moral standards; obey all rules and regulations of The City of Cotati Police Department and The City of Cotati Cadet Program; and you must have the ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with fellow Cadets, Officers, and the public. You must also have transportation to and from the Police Department.

If you are interested in becoming a Cotati Police Cadet or have an interest in your child becoming an Cadet, please click on the link below and e-mail the Post Advisor your name, address, and telephone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Officer Baudelia Gallo:
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